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ECPAK is an independent company providing engineering and management consultancy services in Pakistan and abroad, established in 1996 and working since as a successful consultancy business firm. Our staffing human resources includes high caliber professional staff with national and international experience. As an independent company, ECPAK was incorporated in 1996 under Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). ECPAK head office is located in the Prominent Commercial Hub of Lahore with operating office in California, USA.






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More than 26 years of operations, ECPAK has established itself as matchless international consulting house in the private and public sector, offering a complete range of consultancy services globally. As a multidisciplinary and multisectoral organization ECPAK is proud of having an enviable track record of successfully completing large number of mega projects in Engineering and Management Consultancy for Public Sector and Private Sector.

Almost two and half decades of worldwide activities have enabled us to form a multidisciplinary, multinational team of full-time personnel composed of qualified young staff and experienced senior experts. Our team is reinforced by competent controllers, procurement specialists, personnel management staff, as well as state-of-the-art ICT hard- and software, which permits our experts to successfully plan, manage and implement projects in more than 35 countries.

In addition, we can draw upon a wide range of specialists from the other group members and affiliates. Our continuously updated databank provides details of a large network of international experts as well as specialized partner institutions and partner firms. We are thus able to mobilize the necessary expertise for each individual task in our project portfolio, which is unique to our character.

ECPAK is prominent service provider in Hardcore Engineering including Civil, Architectural and urban planning, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering and Oil and Gas, expertise includes:

  • Water Supply & Treatment
  • Water Resources and Agriculture
  • Energy and Power
  • Waste Management and Renewable Energy
  • Construction Management
  • Oil and Gas
  • Urban & Infrastructure Development
  • Environment & Public Health Engineering
  • Highways, Transportation & Mass Transit System
  • Buildings
  • Turn Key Solutions
  • Financial Engineering
  • Tourism Development
  • Design Factory

On the other hand, ECPAK is a knowledge-driven consultant and services provider for following key disciplines in management consulting:

  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Institutional Reforms & Change Management
  • Productivity Enhancement & Profitability Improvement
  • Organizational Development & Capacity Building
  • Financial Management Consultancy

With client success central to our total business approach, we fulfill project or program needs from concept to completion and beyond. Our private and public sector clients call on us for a broad range of integrated services like feasibility studies, design, engineering, project management and supervision, implementation and facility management and related legal / financial services. To enhance the way we deliver our projects, we invest heavily in the systems to support our clients, and are committed to staff training, quality, and developing appropriate IT infrastructure. We are specialized in management audit, strategic management process, capacity building, institutional development, socio-economic development solutions, industrial, agricultural and social research. Its area of expertise includes rural development, women in development, population welfare, evaluation of public sector policies, and private sector development. One of our key strengths is expertise in private financing for infrastructure. We are particularly successful in assisting the information of joint public/private partnerships in project funding, advising public sector authorities on the best means of securing the participation of private capital in projects, as well as helping private investors to judge the financial merits of proposals.


Hotline: +92 42 35220805

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