Narrative Description of the Project:

Project Details

The Project includes design and construction supervision of Makhi Farash Link Canal RD 105 to 291, 08 Nos Off taking Channels, Groynes, 03 Nos Cross regulators, 12 Nos Head regulators, 02 Nos Escapes, 02 Nos Syphons, 432 Nos New Outlet , Makhi Farash Complex i.e. Group of 05 Regulators, 11Nos Road bridges on M.F Link,  and 20Nos road bridges on off-taking channels which also include lining of canal near irrigation structures.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided in the assignment:

The scope of consultancy services covers the preparation of detailed design, cost estimates and tender documents for sub-projects, assistance to the Client for pre-qualifying contractors, Evaluation of Tenders for undertaking construction/completion of various project elements. Resident supervision of construction work. The Consultant were mobilized for resident supervision for quality assurance and timely completion of work.

Name of the Senior regular full-time employees of your firm involved and functions performed

  1. Haji Muhammad Afzal                 Team Leader
  2. M. Munir                                          Irrigation Structure Design Engineer
  3. Hamid Saeed                                 Survey Expert
  4. Hadayatullah Jokhio                   Procurement/Contract Engineer
  5. Shahid Mahmood                         Quantity Surveyor
  6. Pervaiz Bhutto                              Civil Inspector

7. Ayaz Ali                                            Civil Inspector

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