Narrative Description of the Project:

Project Details

The Government of Pakistan take imitative for execution of this important project since 1962, but due to unknown reasons the project could not matured / implemented on ground. Keeping in view importance of the project and to resolve the long outstanding demand of the people of Hazara Division, District Mansehra, the present Government of KPK takes steps to implement the project. After completion of the project along outstanding demand of the people will be solved. For this purpose the scheme is proposed for feasibility study and M/s ECPAK is engaged to carry out the study.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided in the assignment:

The consultant engaged for Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of Siran Right Bank Canal, which include:

Preparation of PC-I

Name of the Senior regular full-time employees of your firm involved and functions performed

Umar Masoud                                   Project Coordinator

Dr Bagh Ali Shahid                           Project Manager

Sajjad H. Naseem                             Chief Design Engineer

Waqar Khan                                       Principal Irrigation Engineer

Dr. M. Anwar Baig                             Head Environmental Engineer

M.Hafeez                                            Principal Economist

Abdul Waheed Mir                            Principal Survey Engineer

Farzand                                              Design Engineer

Dr. M. Akram                                      Senior Geologist

M. Munir                                              Junior Engineer (Civil)

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