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Architectural & Landscape Design

ECPAK is providing services in the fields of architecture and interior design through qualified architects and interior designers. Our team is specialized in designing affordable housings to modern multi floor building. We have done variety of architectural and interior projects which includes communal, institutional, hospitability, sports and residential buildings in different cities of Pakistan. Our architects also showed their expertise in the field of landscape and designed number of facilities.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is a field of civil engineering that deals with the design of a structural system(s) with the purpose of supporting and resisting various loads. Structural engineers ensure that their designs satisfy a given “design intent”, predicated on safety (i.e. structures do not collapse without due warning), on serviceability (i.e. floor vibration and building sway do not result in discomfort for the occupants). Structural engineers are responsible for making efficient use of funds and materials to achieve these goals. At ECPAK, we have state of the art computer software’s for highly efficient and economical structural systems meeting the requirements of our clients.