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In Dam Engineering

Sector, ECPAK provides complete spectrum of consultancy services for projects related to harnessing and use of water for agriculture, hydropower generation and environment. The services provided for the Sector cover all aspects from conceiving an idea to completion of a project, including master planning, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, project planning, physical and simulation model studies, software development and applications, detailed designs, specifications and tender documents, construction supervision and contract management, preparation of operation & maintenance manuals, performance and benefit monitoring, periodic inspections of large projects, Institutional reforms, capacity building and participation of beneficiaries in development as well as environmental management and social development also fall within the purview of ECPAK’s wide range of services in this Sector. Services included:

  • Site selection, layout planning & topographic surveys
  • Geological mapping, geo-technical and geo-physical investigations, seismic risk evaluation & hydrological studies
  • Design of embankments, filters, abutment protection works, seepage control measures, settlement analysis & material investigations.
  • Design and hydraulic model studies of hydraulic structures and foundation design of the dams, barrages and related structures.
  • Design of guide banks, marginal bunds, spurs and flood protection works on the basis of model studies. Specialized services for instrumentation of vital components of dams and barrages. Preparation of environmental studies, resettlement action plans and operation and maintenance manuals and construction supervision & contract management. Periodic inspection of dams and barrages, and designing remedial measures.

Rendered consultancy services on 30 dams and barrage projects. The cumulative gross storage of the reservoirs is more than 3,200 MCM which provides dependable irrigation water to more than 680,000 ha of land.

ECPAK has vast experience of providing consultancy services on small, medium and large Hydropower Projects in Pakistan and AJ&K. ECPAK offer services which covers all phases from Identification to Implementation and Operation.