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Recovering energy

from residual waste that cannot be recycled is a cornerstone in any integrated resource management system. In a world with a growing population and consumption there is a pressing need to use our resources in the best possible way. This involves reducing the generation of waste, ensuring high-quality recycling and using residual waste for efficient and clean energy generation.

ECPAK is providing waste management in general and Energy from Waste in particular. This position has been obtained through a long list of successfully completed projects where ECPAK has been responsible for the planning, engineering, procurement and contract management of waste management facilities. Our services include the full range of technical advisory / owner’s engineering / EPCM services which are required to plan, manage and implement a project, inter alia:

  • Waste strategy development
  • Technology assessments (including gasification, pyrolysis etc.)
  • Feasibility studies / business case  preparation
  • Technical due diligence of projects and technologies
  • Site assessment
  • Conceptual design and layout
  • Risk and opportunity assessment
  • Project structuring and procurement planning
  • Value engineering
  • Preparation of technical specifications and tender documents
  • Evaluation of proposals, negotiations and contract closure
  • Contract management
  • Supervision and inspection during design, construction and commissioning
  • Site management and HSE

Our clients include a range of clients working under different organizational structures – from public to PPPs – among them are: Waste management companies (public or private), regional/local governments, developers etc.